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If you're looking for good vibes & inspiration, we'd love to have you! If you wanna level up your business, connect with other creative bosses who are kicking butt and tackling the same hurdles as you, then this might be for you!

My shoots are meant to serve as a creative outlet for everyone involved, where you can get some awesome content, learn something new, meet & network with other creatives & become a part of an awesome community! 


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"How Sweet it is"


Our 70's styled shoot will give you all the good vibes! The "How Sweet It is" shoot will be held on Wednesday, May 19th in Dale, TX. This is a chic 70's ALTERNATIVE shoot and will not have your traditional bridal looks. My vision for this shoot is to create a chic 70's inspired experience styled around spring time. We will focus on playful glam creating a colorful & bold look with lots of texture.


"Not only did I end up with great content, but I also made great CONNECTIONS with amazing people."


"Carissa is an INCREDIBLE photographer to work with."


"I am truly looking forward to attending another one of her styled shoot in the future!"

Her styled shoots are gorgeous, fun and unique. I love how inclusive she is and supportive of all the vendors and photographers coming together to collectively create the best images and memories! I CAN'T WAIT for the next one!

Carissa is so talented not only in her work but with bringing other creatives together to do what we do best, which is create! 

"I CAN'T WAIT for the next one!"

- Khrysten Dyane

 The number of photographers is limited to a smaller group to allow everyone to get the shots they desire! Carissa put so much thought into every aspect of her styled shoot that it completely exceeded my expectations. I am truly looking forward to attending another one of her styled shoot in the future!

Anyone who has never participated in a styled shoot before & is thinking about participating, one of Carissa's styled shoots would be perfect!

"Completely exceeded my expectations."

-  Amy S.

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